Our Mission

Our mission is to inform families about the positive impact that trustful guidance, self-education, and self-employment can have on ourselves, our children, and on society as a whole. ​We are certain that life is meant to be happy and harmonious. When we let our self-reliant nature guide us through: respectful parenting to ensure sound mental health by meeting children's emotional needs and modeling effective communication skills; self-directed education to hone one's (the child's) interests and natural talents into life skills through instinctive passion and drive; and self-employment by following our own dreams and purpose for success and happiness, then we create a Healthy and Free world.

We believe that happiness and success start at home with our children and the way that we guide them and the way that we treat them. We as parents must be the change we want to see in the world, and we can achieve this with a new direction. After all, a truly happy and free society can only be built on a healthy and free foundation.

Our Purpose:

  • Establishment of community centers aimed at providing resources and connections vital to fulfilling personal life purpose (for parent and child). (e.g. contacts for mentors, internships, apprenticeship programs to get real life experience in different fields and professions.) The center will also hold events such as workshops and seminars for families and community members to learn more about trustful parenting, self-directed education, and successful self employment. All with the purpose of steering society in a new direction of happiness and freedom. 

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