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​​I couldn't help but wonder...

Was it me that was flawed, or had society been conditioned to ignore our basic instincts as parents and as human beings? I wanted answers.

​I felt as though there had to be a more happy and harmonious way of raising our children and a better way of supporting our family. I looked around at all the different ways that our society suffers: in health, mentally, and emotionally. There is a lack of respect for not only each other, but the most vulnerable members of society, our children. I realized that children are looked at as unequal to everyone else in our society. Could this be the underlying problem? And could this knowledge also hold the answer and the solution to all societies' problems?

I would spend hours researching about natural parenting methods and about the norm around the world. I would read about places that haven't been touched by industry, and how today's hunter gatherers treat their children with such respect and equality, how they trust them to learn and grow without forced intervention or coercion, and how the mothers would respond to their child's needs of attachment and co-dependence with understanding and joy. I read how, the trust that they have in their children's natural capabilities led to the development of strong, smart, cooperative and capable adults that had well- honed unique skill sets and talents that ultimately helped their communities thrive.

After much investigation and lots of soul-searching, the big picture was finally clear to me. I realized that in order for our society to heal and lead a healthier, happier and truly free existence, we needed to return to our roots as human beings but inside our modern society; we needed to break the generational cycle of mistrust of our children, and recondition ourselves in order to free our children from unnatural expectations, and to free ourselves from the day in and day out passionless rut most of us think we have to endure just to get by..


In my quest for answers, I came across many people who felt the same way as I did.

I realized the change was already happening; it was like a silent revolution was taking place... just at a slower rate than I wanted to see.​ So, I created Healthy and Free as a resource for parents in search of a more natural and joyful way of raising their children, and to encourage and enlighten families to regain their instinctual abilities to raise healthy, happy, and free human beings that live complete and fulfilled lives.

After all, a truly happy and free society can only be built on a healthy and free foundation.

​​​​My name is Christina. I am a wife, mother, avid researcher, and activist. I created Healthy and Free in the summer of 2015.

After my son was born, I felt I was on a roller coaster. I had this internal drive telling me exactly what to do and how to be a good mother, yet the buzzing opinions around me, the cultural norms, and programming from my own upbringing completely contradicted my intuition. Something I couldn't pin point at the time. It seemed that everything that felt natural was discouraged by our western culture.